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              China market to MOTO and much patience?
              2014-11-9 17:25:17 Lucky star Logistics

              Is probably the end of last month, Lenovo get stamped, USA EU government Chinese, Ministry of Commerce and other departments of examination and approval of the formal completion of Motorola, USA communication company acquisitions. Perhaps is because of motorcycle history too shine with great splendor, or there are rarely Chinese enterprises capable of such "gas" thing, the deal was announced to obtain extensive media attention, the most aesthetic's topic focused on how to return to the Chinese motorcycle market, and how to go out of the country by means of motorcycle Association remnants of the deeper, discussion will focus on: Motorcycle engineer culture, can change the association and even the whole Chinese enterprise gene... Frankly, Lenovo's purchase of second-hand Motorola, may be the result of a can not lose the business, the three objectives of any a success, Yang Yuanqing once again increase in China electronic industry the historical status of will.

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