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              Vertical media how to do it (seven)
              2014-11-9 17:23:08 Lucky star Logistics

              "How to do" vertical media this series has been continuous wrote six papers, received a lot of readers' feedback. Identity is not identity, have it, no matter how, through the communication, the collision can create a lot of new things, I have benefited a lot from. Whether in support of voice, or the voice of opposition, are power we continue to walk forward, I will continue to write down this series.
              A netizen said, is love to watch this series of articles, mainly due to its "combat" is very good. Indeed, all my share, also is the "geek" is practicing the content network. China has a vertical industry enough, hope this series can help more vertical media practitioners. Today is the seventh part of a series, the word does not say more, get down to business: about five things you should know about perpendicular media!

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