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              Samsung will become the next Sony?
              2014-11-9 17:22:18 Lucky star Logistics

              The message said recently, Sony Mobile Corporation will significantly reduce the serious losses Sony China mobile phone business, stop development for specific types of Chinese mobile phone market. In fact, since fiscal year 2008, Sony performance almost for 7 consecutive years of losses, while the fiscal 2014 deficit continues to expand, Sony will this year's expected losses from 50000000000 yen to 230000000000 yen adjustable high. In addition, we know, Samsung is in this year, is the three consecutive quarter of decline, but which have in common is, Samsung and Sony decline, are subject to the mobile business drag.
              Sony once in 2012 is second only to apple and Samsung third intelligent machine manufacturer, with significantly enhance the global intelligent mobile phone sales, occupied Sony intelligent mobile phone market share by the cool Lian millet beyond, in the domestic terminal market, Sony has been marginalised and fade out. Samsung is in this year in the low-end encounter Chinese cool Lian nibble, trend of high-end Apple was suppressed increasingly obvious decline trend seems increasingly clear, then the problem, Samsung will become the next SONY?

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